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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Blog

This will be a new venture that will work, or fall on its arse.

The idea is to show some pictures at a bigger size. They might look better............they might not.

It'll be old stuff and new stuff, stuff I've posted before, and stuff I've not.......depends how the fancy takes me. Short on words, but big on pictures.

Here's the first.
Taken back in May, 2008.

My favourite bird; the Pheasant. A shame they are slaughtered by a few morons with guns in this country, in the name of 'sport'

Have a good day


  1. Thanks Bob.

    And thanks for being the first to comment. Appreciate it.

  2. Such a beautiful bird, it is also a "sport" here in the U.S. I will admit that I have ate pheasant once and did'nt care for the taste, think I'll stick to watching them instead!

  3. Great idea Keith.I'm looking forwards to seeing some super images...[;o)

  4. Thanks Wanda. Yea, better to see them living free. :-)

    Cheers Trevor.
    And thanks for following. :-)

  5. These are all brilliant pictures, the one of the heron is so good.

  6. Thank you Gillian, and thanks for following too :-)


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