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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


January 2010, and a Fox enjoys some winter sunshine.

Hope the sun shines where you are today.


  1. Nice one Keith...[;o)

    What's this sun thing then??

  2. The sun, yea; I vaguely remember my dad telling me about it once.

  3. A lovely photograph, gave me a nice warm feeling

  4. Thanks Anna, glad you enjoyed it.
    Such lovely animals.

  5. Beautiful animal. I love them ever so much.

  6. Grat pctures and yes the sun did shine here today.

  7. Thanks Bob. A shame that a few people get a thrill from hunting them.

    Thanks Gillian. Glad you had some sun.
    We had a little here, but the inevitable rain too.

  8. She's enjoying!
    And thank you for visiting!
    Yes...now it is cloudy here but I suppose we ar going to have a sunny day...
    Let me tell you something:
    Today it is my 25st weeding anniversary!
    We have gone through so much...BUT WE ARE still here...with so much love...
    His cancer seams to be gone...and he is here with me. We do not have children...I could not get pregnant...so we live to each other...laughing...crying...being silly...and being in love...
    I praise the LORD for He is LOVE...and I'm so glad that I can't help spreading the news...

    Thanks for being my friend.
    Isabel, aka, BluEshell...the Portuguese one...LOL

  9. Isabel, congratulations on your anniversary. 25 happy years; I hope you have many more together.
    And good news about your husbands cancer. :-)

  10. What a great shot of the fox!!
    The sun came out only briefly just before sunset & then disappeared again... it's winter here in Australia!

  11. Thanks Liz. It feels more like winter here too.

  12. allways I love it to see your pics, nature, animals, so fantastic, your pics are so excellent ! Thanks for visit my new blogKathrinPhotoArt, have a nice weekend and a great time, big hugh Kathrin

  13. Thank you Kathrin.
    Good luck with your new blog.
    Enjoy your weekend too. :-)

  14. I love this photo,the fox is so hard to get,ours are always on the run,not stopping for a bit of sunshine,phyllis

  15. Thanks Phyllis.
    Ours can be very wary and secretive at times too. This one had some distance between us, and so felt a bit safe. :-)


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