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Thursday, 20 September 2012


It's pouring with rain here at the moment, so maybe I'll stay in and watch the birds come to the feeders.

Just had two Jays arrive; here's one of them.

Hope your weather is better; unless you're wanting some rain.


  1. A lucky chap you are. The hours i've spent trying to get a Jay photograph.

  2. This is the best I've ever managed Adrian. I think this place agrees with me.

  3. Nice one Keith.

    Now that sounds good!...a bit of window watching, accompanied by a glass of something warming maybe?...much better than being out in the rain...lol.

    Weak sun and chilly here...rain later!...[;o(

  4. Cheers Trevor. Been a day of sorting through pictures; something I don't like much. Rather be out taking them. lol

  5. Findlay will be so jealous, we just can't get the Jays to visit.

  6. Beautiful Jay, too bad about the rain though. We could do with some rain here but I am enjoying the sunny September so much I don't want it. lol. :)

  7. Thanks Heather. I was very lucky with this one. They soon go at the slightest movement.

    Thanks Gillian. Had rain again this morning, but at least it has stopped now. Usual weather for Wales lol

  8. I bet it's raining very hard to stop you birding, and, what a lovely Jay Keith, beautiful.

  9. Thanks Bob. Yea, rain seems to be the norm here lol
    Foggy this morning for a change. :-)


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