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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Broadway Tower

From a couple of years ago


  1. For a guy like me a picture asks a thousand questions. So a beautiful and thoughtful post.

  2. Almost forgotten what light is like. A beautiful shot.
    Where is it?

  3. Nice one Keith.
    I can just feel the warmth of that sun, it's a shame you've hidden it away though, after the past few weeks of rain, I could have done with a reminder of what it looks like...lol...[;o)

  4. Thank you Red. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks Adrian. It's in Worcestershire, not too far from Evesham. I had a brief dalliance with a youngish lady there a couple of years ago. :-)

    Trevor, one day we will see the sun again; maybe.

  5. wat een heel apart gebouw het zal waarschijnlijk wel over heel de omgeving uitkijken.

  6. Thank you Bob. It's an impressive structure.


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