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Saturday, 12 January 2013

chrysanthemum coronaria discolor

I took this last August, but I can't remember what flower it is.

Anyone know?

Thanks Trevor : chrysanthemum coronaria discolor

bit of a mouthful


  1. Nope, it is lovely plant though.

  2. Nice one to brighten up the day Keith.

    I didn't expect to be looking for a Summer flower ID on a cold and snowy morning! It made a pleasant change and I'm now looking forward to Summer more than ever!

    Anyway, I reckon it's a....Crown Daisy
    (glebionis coronaria var. discolor)

    Normally found in the Mediterranean Region (been on your holidays?)

    Here's a link;- http://www.ukwildflowers.com/Web_pages/glebionis_coronaria_crown_daisy.htm ...[;o)

  3. Thanks Bob. Brightens a dull day I thought :-)

    Hmmm, back to the book I think Trevor lol
    I did wonder if it might have been an Ox-eye Daisy, but it looks too yellow. Looking at the date I took it, I was wandering around Caldecotte. Just wish I'd took a few more to make ID's easier.

  4. Just had another wander around the interweb and I'm now almost probably maybe 100% certain it's a...chrysanthemum coronaria discolor

    It also appears to be edible and very good for you!!...[;o)

    Sorry the previous link didn't work, I don't know what went wrong there!!

  5. maar je hebt hem er heel mooi op,vooral in deze grijze dagen fleurt dat de boel lekker op.

  6. Tht's brightened a dull day.

  7. Thanks Adrian.

    I've been sorting through and processing some pictures going back to August. Not a job I enjoy.

  8. HI Keith...Very cheery and bright, I love the great debate above on the subject, but I am not charming in on this ID...I'll just say Trevor is right!! ; ) lol

  9. Grace, Trevor usually is right lol

  10. I read every comment to find the name of the flower. Now I'm going to have to come back later. A good blog will make you do that.
    By the way, super photo.

  11. Thanks Red.
    In future I should make a not of what I see lol


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