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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Red Admiral

Sunshine and Sedum, bring out the butterflies:


  1. Hi Keith... Beautiful photo!!
    I did not see a Red Admiral at all this year, and other butterflies where seen in small numbers!!
    Love the Sedum, have a big patch of it in bloom myself and it usually would have butterflies galore on it!! : ((


  2. It is shaping up for a good Indian Summer.
    The Admiral is in perfect condition.

  3. You can't beat a bit of sunshine! Nice one Keith...[;o)

  4. great catch; the sedum is a lovely colour too.

  5. Thanks Grace. I'm beginning to see quite a lot of Red Admirals here, at the moment.

    Cheers Adrian. I think the ones I'm seeing at the moment are very new ones.

    Thanks Trevor. Let's hope the sun keeps shining.

    Thank you Carole. The Sedum really 'shines' in the sun.

  6. First time to visit this blog. Love the focus on the photo. No the foto does not have to be perfect - it is the moment that counts -BUT - when one comes close the pleasure is very close to real happiness.

  7. Thanks Ginger, and thanks for your visit. Hope you enjoy.


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