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Monday, 2 December 2013

Brent Geese

From a couple of days ago

One of our smartest looking geese that visit us at this time of year.


  1. Hi Keith As you probably know i am on the I.O.W at present and although I am not looking at any comments or replying this week as I just don't have the time I noticed your on Brent Geese. Lovely flight shot. I have seen the Dark bellied ones here and I don't know whether you say my Saturday post when I featured the Pale bellied Brent. If you like Brent you may be interested in that. Must dash as Eileen is collecting me soon and I am not dressed. Don't think the Islanders are ready for me in that state!!!!

  2. Excellent, I'm glad you managed to get out.

  3. Brilliant Brent Geese, flying along, you had them in your sights.

  4. Nice one Keith. Such neat, tidy and dapper looking geese...[;o)


  5. Apologies for late replies, I've forsaken the internet for some real life recently; plus had a bad bout of sickness again.

    Thanks Margaret. Enjoy the IOW.
    Saw some light bellied Brent early in Wales this year.

    Thanks Adrian. Yea, it was a great day out.

    stiefbeen, dank u.

    Thanks Bob. Lovely looking birds aren't they.

    Cheers Trev. Yea, beauties.


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